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to a new documentary. the city of detroit huge portions abandoned and decaying and decrepit and gritty but at its heart to industries that have killed people speeding cars and musickept its pulse beating: cars and music ... one man who calls the city home worked to restore some of the structure ... we have the infrastructure and we will leave it for the plumbers and the electricians ... i'll always play music ... this 7 year-old recorded his first album in detroit in 1969 ... motown was a haven ... the music of rodriquez never sold in the united states so he kept plugging away and manual labor blue-collar to the bone >>he is a human metaphor for detroit boldfacing setbacks but harley defeated both exhibiting resolved and resilience and determination believing in better days ahead ... while working and raising a family rodriquez took 10 years to earn a 4 year college degree >>how can one improve one's station in life ... >>but before attending wayne state univ. his lyrics were intelligent creative and reflective of reality in that city ... he hoped to be part of detroit's resurrecti
run home run to the right field the white sox bullpen gave up five runs ... the detroit tigers is still lead in the eighth inning of three run homer and lots of good statistics further kevin ... the white sox within two runs in the ninth inning with the tying run at the plate but orlando hudson strikes out looking the white sox lose 8-6 in their lead over detroit is down to one game that go for a serious split tonight the chicago cubs going for a series win in houston travis would pitched well for the cubs striking at six astros and only allowing one run on four hits in nearly eight innings the cubs were up one run in the fifth inning when alfonso soriano hit his 29, of the year he was a triple shy of that cycle the chicago cubs when five-one for their second series win in a row they are off today cash and the longest rivalry in the n.f.l. continues in green bay tonight the chicago bears and the green bay packers met for the hundred 85th time and while the bears lead the series overall they have not won their since 2007 jay cutler as a passer rating of 65 against pack aaron rod
for the suspects. jury selection begins today- in the corruption trial of former detroit mayor, kwame kilpatrick. in september of 2008 kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felony counts of obstruction of justice stemming from his efforts to cover up an extramarital affair. he served about one year in prison. this time, kilpatrick, his father and two others are accused of "shaking down" contractors who wanted business or favors from detroit city hall. government officials call it "the kilpatrick enterprise." all have pleaded not guilty. the american civil liberties union vows to continue challenging a controversial provision of the arizona immigration law.. upheld yesterday by a federal judge. the judge denied a request to block the "show me your papers" provision in the law. it allows local law enforcement to check on the immigration status of people they stop for other reasons. the judge ruled the court could not block the provision based on the possibility of racial profiling.. citing the u-s supreme court decision upholding that part of the law. the aclu says it will continue the challenge by doc
the tigers again. the sox trailed detroit 3-0 early... but they're only down one run in the 5th with the bases loaded... dwayne wise hits a double-play ball, but alex rios slides hard into second causing a wild throw to first... 2 runs score. sox still lead in the seventh... omar infante hits a hard-liner back to the pitcher but nate jones makes an impressive grab. the sox bullpen only allowed one hit in five scoreless innings. they beat the tigers, 4-4, and extend the division lead to 3 games. they're in kansas city tonight. the cubs and pirates waited through a three-and-a-half-hour rain delay. the first pitch at 10:42 is the latest start in wrigley field history. no score in the third with runners on the corners when starling marte hits a 2-run triple down the line. the cubs struck out eight times and only managed two hits before the game ended at 1:30 this morning. cubs lose 3-0 nothing, and split the four- game series. cubs lost 3-0 and split the four game series ... the host cincinnati tonight the bears returned to practice to prepare for the rams this week, and the offe
cabreara's 36th home run puts detroit up... jake peavy allowed three runs in 5+ innings. same score in the eighth when sox reliever francisco liriano gives up the rbi single... he allowed two earned runs without recording an out. sox lose 5-3, and their lead is back down to 2 games. cubs trying to extend their winning streak in houston..... scary moment in the third... anthony rizzo collides with the first baseman... he left with a sore shoulder and back, but he should be o.k. cubs down a run with one out in the sixth... darwin barney's sacrifice fly should score the tying run, but dave sappelt gets thrown out at third before starlin castro crosses home plate... no run for the cubs and the inning ends. they go on to lose 1-0, to snap the 4-game winning streak. the bears had their only full practice of the shortened week yesterday, but brian urlacher and charles tillman both sat out. it's unclear if tillman will play in green bay tomorrow night, but urlacher is expected to start. packers' receiver greg jennings is questionable with a groin injury. jay cutler has struggled against the
-9. they wrap up the 4-game series tonight. the lions visiting san francisco on sunday night football. detroit's down a point in the first when matthew stafford's wobbly pass over the middle is intercepted by dashon goldson... that led to a touchdown. lions still down in the fourth when alex smith rolls out and finds vernon davis for his second score of the day. the lions lose 27-19. the vikings also lost, so every team in the nfc north is 1-1. the nhl is in the second day of a lock-out, and no formal talks are planned to reach a new agreement. players are now free to sign with other leagues, and the nhl could announce the cancellation of games as early as this week. the blackhawks have already alerted season ticket holders they will get refunds if games are cancelled. this is the league's fourth work stoppage since 1992. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next ... good afternoon. here are the winning pick three numbers:356 here are the winning pick four numbers: 2 6 6 8 the power ball jackpot is now at $149 million. @Ñ 0úkñÑú?p@kúwúz0(ú?(> né'húç@@o@o
more than $4 millionto pro-demoratic groups. crews began digging up a driveway in suburban detroit today searching for the body of missing union strongman jimmy hoffa. a tipster informed police of the body's location and claims the remains are hoffa's... who disappeared in july of 19-75. it is believed hoffa was killed by the mob. no trace of him has ever been found. after 37 years, police and experts are skeptical that they will find hoffa's body in this location. emma the character did not seem to line up with those we knew who were involved in the disappearance and murder and the house when we did the first interview back on march 30th it i had done a googol earth search and we zeroed in on the small house on the corner of a normal neighborhood anything being done there in that backyard would have been seen by any neighbor looking at the window or buy cars passing ... a forensic anthropologist will test the soil for human remains. results should come next week. military is now spending more on, instead of painkillers. and, still to come this midday: the new feature facebook mig
a driveway at a home in suburban detroit in 1975... around the same time mobster jimmy hoffa disappeared. the tipster didn't say it was hoffa's body, but police believe the information is credible. crews will begin digging tomorrow morning and will send a soil sample to a forensic anthropologist to test for human remains. results from the testing should come next week. the nfl and the referees' union finally reach a deal on a new contract... an agreement that couldn't come soon enough for fans, players, and coaches. the two sides announced the agreement shortly after midnight... ending a lockout that began in june. here are some of the highlights of the deal: salary raises from an average of 205,000 by 2019. remain in place for current officials through the 2016 season or until a ref earns 20 years of service, then the plan will be frozen. after that, the league will offer a 401-k type benefit. the agreement will be good for eight years. the union's 121 members will vote on friday and saturday. well-known and well-buffed referee ed hochuli says he started doing pushups once he heard abo
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8